Data Backup and Recovery: Emerging Challenges and Solutions

Discover the evolving landscape of data backup and recovery and how you can fortify your security measures.

With malware attacks on the rise, ensuring the security of your data backups has never been more crucial. However, many IT leaders say there’s a gap between how much data they can lose without disrupting operations and how often their data is backed up.

The truth is using legacy backup methods isn’t enough to protect modern workloads.

Explore this report to uncover:

  • The prevalent challenges confronting data backup and recovery.
  • Innovative solutions adopted by businesses to refine their backup strategies.
  • Key considerations for securing data backup in a hybrid cloud setting.
  • The blueprint of modern data backup and recovery practices.
  • Essential criteria for selecting a reliable data backup and recovery vendor.

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Modern security requires constant vigilance. IT professionals must continually plan for what comes next because threats and malicious actors don’t stop evolving. 

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